Our Range of ETFs

1/5  IndexIQ Factors Sustainable Europe Equity

2/5  IndexIQ Factors Sustainable EMU Equity

3/5  IndexIQ Factors Sustainable Japan Equity

4/5  IndexIQ Factors Sustainable Sovereign Euro Bond

5/5  IndexIQ Factors Sustainable Corporate Euro Bond



1. The fund is traded on stock exchanges and is bought and sold at market prices which may differ from the net asset value ("NAV") of the fund.

The funds are registered at the Dutch and French authority for the financial markets ("Stichting Autoriteit Financiele Markten", AFM and the "Autorite des Marches Financiers", AMF)

IndexIQ Advisors LLC is an affiliated entity of the Management Company and operates under the branded name "IndexIQ" as a provider of liquid alternative investment solutions focused on absolute return, real asset and international strategies. Investors should be aware that IndexIQ Advisors LLC does not provide any services to the Fund. INDEXIQ® is a registered trademark of New York Life Insurance Company in the European Union, Switzerland, United States of America, and Canada. New York Life Insurance Company also claims rights in the INDEXIQ name and mark in other jurisdictions. Both the Management Company and IndexIQ Advisors LLC have been granted permission to use the INDEXIQ mark by New York Life Insurance Company.